Every person is beautiful, but few people are neat. And neat people are those who have an advantage throughout their entire lives, in business and elsewhere. For me, taking care of my appearance is like taking care of any other thing I use in life, be it a car, house or clothes.

Yet it still happens that we put all possible junk into our bodies while we are very careful not to use the wrong fuel for our cars, even though we will change our cars after a few years but live in our bodies for our whole lives.

I admit, I sin in my diet, and even though I have been a vegetarian for years, I still like to reach for sweet things despite knowing how harmful it is. But I am trying to make improvements with small steps, which pays off through years and years of work. Now during pregnancy, the body is that much more sensitive, luckily designed to not digest any toxins and using sickness to warn you if you eat too little, too much, or incorrectly.


Not to mention that it is especially important for pregnant women to watch what we put on our faces, bodies, hair, nails ... in short, the list is not clear and I have spent quite a lot of time and invested a fair bit of effort so that my skin now glows, my hair is shiny, my nails naturally pretty and long without any polish, and my husband admires me every day, now more than ever before. All pregnant women know the difficulties we face in this time, from dry and cracked skin, pimples, stretch marks, pigment spots ... But enough listing for now, before I scare anyone. So, briefly, what do I use and which are currently my favourite products?


Natural cosmetics and hair dye KEUNE
Face cream LA MER,
Body lotion BIODERMA,
Permanent eyelashes LADYLASH,
Coconut water for rehydrating the body
Clothes by the brand MajaFermefashion made from natural fibres in which the skin breathes and I feel pretty, comfortable and free.



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