In my salon, I am surrounded by wedding dresses and by love. I like to create fairy‑tale custom-made wedding dresses.

When doing this, me and the future brides exchange many secrets, so I know that each of us is dreaming about her wedding quietly or more out loud, which is right and beautiful, because dreams are the ones to give life that magical charm and make it more colourful. I have also always dreamt about my wedding and I believe that if you are persistent, if you don’t give up and if you try for your dreams, you achieve them sooner or later.


My dream was to get engaged in Paris and married in Japan, which came true in the end and it was unforgettable. Japan, cherry blossoms, wonderful nature in the heart of 14-million Tokyo, proud and respectful people, incredible cleanliness, culture that inspires, an interweaving of the traditional and modern … not only the wedding, the entire journey was an incredible experience. My husband and I both wore my creations, me a dress from lace sprinkled with cherry blossoms and pearls, my husband a white double-breasted suit with a bowtie. We both wanted this to be only our moment, to enjoy it every second and to devote this time only to us, which we also succeeded in doing.

The wedding for me was like visiting Disneyland! Plenty of fun, some adrenaline, sparkling moments and a basket brimful of magic.

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