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I am open to any suggestions and I am glad you are reaching out and showing appreciation for my work in the first place.

At our social channel we are providing:

  • Product reviews on my blog
  • Tour reviews
  • Hotel reviews
  • Sponsored Posts and Advertising
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Visiting & reporting about your events
  • Social Media Management
  • B2B collaboration - Exclusive design just for you (in the past, I collaborated with companies: Unilever, Crystal Rogaška, Elitavia, Warner Bross.Inc., …)

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I collaborate with many brands and companies that sell clothes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, travel agencies, and so on. Everything I wear or use, I have to like first and foremost, otherwise I will not publish it. This is especially true for cosmetics and the quality of clothes and services, be it a restaurant, hotel or any brand.