A person is a being who, thanks to their consciousness and mind, capable of intelligence, unlimited imagination and vast spiritual freedom, can either rise to the highest highs and be a carrier of illuminating ideas or drop to the lowest lows and remain only a pile of meat.

An explorer’s spirit already awakened in me during childhood. My mind wasn’t satisfied with bedtime fairy tales about princes and princesses, but instead sought stories that explained why a lightbulb glows, how planes fly, why it rains, how fire is made, … And my first career wish was to become an astronaut.

Later I spent hours upon hours in nature and studied the structure of leaves, flowers, animals, … and last but not least people, and through it tried to grasp this extreme beauty. Soon, the dissection of mice and a magnifying glass were followed by the anatomy of the human body, where I started perfecting my sketches in detail and was completely enchanted by painting.

I have always believed that you can be anything you want to be in life and my idols were the painter and explorer Leonardo da Vinci, visionary and inventor Nikola Tesla … and numerous incredible, inspiring people for whom we can’t say that they submitted to one profession, because they instead skilfully interlaced different knowledge and explored the boundaries of their abilities.

After high school, I attended a private faculty for painting and spent countless hours in unforgettable debates with artists from all over the world and had an incredibly fruitful period when works were being created with all the calm and precision into the early hours of the morning. All until an already familiar restlessness settled in me, the restlessness for new exploration. The surface started limiting me, I was interested in a person as an individual, and so I draped the person in canvas that didn’t hang on cold museum walls anymore but instead moved in time and space among people. The world of media, commercialization, consumerism, and show was open to me ... wonderful chaos that sucked me in, took me through the next faculty for designing clothing and textile, and in the meantime drew me into journalism and skilful organisation of numerous fashion events and bigger fashion shows.

But the restlessness to explore new things soon took me on a journey, which continued with additional education and gathering experiences in New York, and two independent shows in this city.


With the knowledge I obtained at two faculties and with rich experiences from New York I, as always, continued to explore and create, this time with my own brand Maja Ferme fashion. I became a famous fashion designer in my small country, with numerous awards and collaborations with museums and foreign multinationals.

But instead of deciding to grow in the commercial world, I wanted to keep my freedom, and instead of having as many things as they are convincing us that we need, I decided to take only as much as I truly need and give more to the people around me. I married, decided for motherhood and this blog, which reveals my view of the world, life truths, my observations and my own fashion style. It combines everything I am discovering in life, what I believe in, what inspires me and is reflected in my work.

You should always follow your dream. Go, explore and look for an adventure and always try to be happy! (believe)